About Us

we’ve pursued the same goal since the beginning

Today, professionalism cannot be infected by chance, improvisation, or superficiality. 
Highly trained and specialized workers and collaborators guarantee maximum professionalism, reliability, and safety to offer a complete turnkey service.

Owners & founders Federica & Davide aspirations and ambitions, are the right mix to pursue their target.
Different work experiences but always the same goal in mind: run an honest business striving to provide the best service and customer experience on the market.

Company Profile

we have a long and successful history

We provide a comprehensive service, one-stage development approach from vital and intelligent planning to an innovative, imaginative, and distinctive design.

To simplify and speed the developing process, BASIL BUILDING INC offers under a single company all planning, design, construction, remodeling, and interior services.

From the original design to the actual project execution, the organization manages the entire production process.

BASIL BUILDING INC is a licensed fully-fledged and insured property and construction management company. This one-way solution strive to meets all of your residential and commercial needs, as well as your investment.

As Real Estate owners, we understand the dynamics of the market, and the benefits of a full service, a team with experience from start to finish.

BASIL BUILDING INC is also an investment company that purchases and re-locates properties in southern Florida that offer clear opportunities for incredible added value.At Basil Building INC, we strongly believe in complete dedication and outstanding service. Your satisfaction is our priority.

Federica & Davide

Federica Stabile, operating throughout Italy and beyond, also making use of expert collaborators, began to take its first steps in the furniture and decoration sector over 20 years ago. He loves to amaze his customers by taking care of every aspect and every detail. From the arrangement of the furnishings to the home decoration to the creation of centerpieces, everything is created custom. Thanks to its problem-solving skills, Federica will be able to face any situation and any unexpected event. Today, Federica’s name is synonymous with refinement, careful study of details and attention to customer needs. Its versatility and extreme creativity will make the most of the qualities of the territory of your choice. Having Federica by your side means guaranteeing excellent quality service.

Davide Basilico gained many years of experience in the real estate sector first as a skilled worker, going through the job manager until he became the owner of a company in the industry in Italy. Its best qualities are those related to simplicity and practicality. His desire is to make the experience and knowledge acquired available to customers, convinced that it can be a significant plus.


An International Team Takes Care of all of your Projects Needs.

We work in partnership with the best  selected professionals to provide Basil Building’s client the best experience ever. Real Estate Brokers, Lawyers, CPA, Architects, Interior Designers, Artists, General Contractors, Permit Speeders, Interior Decorators.

Basil Building INC